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Police Officers


Police Officers!

LIVE FIRE INTERACTIVE™ is a patent-pending, portable, decision-based firearms training system. With LIVE FIRE INTERACTIVE™ police officers utilize real weapons and live ammunition as they are confronted with real people in real situations. This is the only firearms training system that overcomes the difficulty in providing realistic, scenario based training with live ammunition in a safe environment. LIVE FIRE INTERACTIVE™ was developed by police officers for police officers to bring realistic, affordable training to law enforcement.

The LIVE FIRE INTERACTIVE™ system teaches officers decision-making skills needed to survive deadly force encounters. Through high speed audio and video components, officers will be face-to-face with a suspect!

Unlike branching-video based programs, the LIVE FIRE INTERACTIVE™ system allows officers to interact, in real time, with live trainers portraying suspects. Officers and suspects see and hear each other during encounters. The live interaction allows participants to continually modify their behavior to accommodate the situation. It is this live interaction that dictates when, and if, a shooting occurs!

LIVE FIRE INTERACTIVE™ allows you to create customized scenarios from locations in your jurisdiction! This takes your training to a new level as officers will be placed in shoot/don’t shoot scenarios on the streets they patrol daily!

The goal with LIVE FIRE INTERACTIVE™ is to bring realistic, affordable, training to police departments. Give your officers every advantage; give them LIVE FIRE INTERACTIVE™.

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